Louise Sass


Translucent colours and dynamic sequenses

By Ditte Vilstrup Holm

The textile works of Louise Sass are characterised by intensely translucent colours, spatial transpositions and dynamic sequences. Her works combine historic and modern forms of expression, featuring dialogues between elements like the aesthetic sense of light of medieval mosaics, the facades of baroque architecture and the expressive qualities of abstract painting. The resulting prints are strong and unique; their expression revealing traces of the artistic process as well as the manual work underlying them.

The Artistic Process Shows Through in the Final Expression

The Artistic Process Shows Through in the Final Expression Louise Sass’ work is characterised by the fact that the artistic developmental process constitutes a significant part of the final expression. The process may be directly folded into individual works or indirectly evident in the working of a visual theme of a series of works. The colour effect in Sass’ recent works evidence the technique of ‘overprinting’. She applies transparent dyes directly onto the fabric in overlapping layers rather than mixing them prior to printing. As she builds up each colour it gradually becomes saturated. Simultaneously the process of dying the fabric several times creates planes of intense and complex colour effects.


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RGB + Sort (RGB + Black) #1

One-off, hand-print
Reactive dye, cotton
120 x 155 cm, 2010

Systematic Colour Analysis

Louise Sass has systematised her overprint technique to feature an enhanced colour scale: RGB + Black 2010 investigates moderate concentrations of the three primary colours in dialogue with different degrees of black. The result is a highly nuanced array of colour variations and grey tones. This ‘colour keyboard’ forms the basis of a series of compositions based on the interplay of fields of pure colour and occasional variations of black: Falling Down a Mountain 2010, Riding in the Dark 2010 (see portfolio) and Mother of Pearl 2011 (se exhibitions). Highlighting the significance of the process in her oeuvre, she also presents her ‘keyboard’ as an independent work in its own right: RGB + black #1 2010.

Falling down a Mountain

One-off, hand-print
Reactive dye, cotton
90 x 78 cm 2010

Potential Future Works

The works of Louise Sass include one-off textiles, works on paper, site-specific works and industrially produced interior textiles. She has developed her own independently characteristic language of form and colour, which can in principle be transferred to a a range of other materials and assignments like site-specific works, colour schemes and other design work.


The Danish Art Workshops 2004