Louise Sass


Curriculum Vitae


Louise Sass

Born 1965 in Copenhagen
Lives and works in Copenhagen
Member of the Danish Artist’s Association

1986-91 The Danish Design School, Copenhagen, now KADK, Department of Textile design
1988-89  The Technikon, Cape Town, South Africa. Department of Textile Design
1992-93 Surface designer, Kiyoshi Yamamoto Design Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Solo exhibitions

2017 Above the Earth – Below the Sky, site specific works, Bagsværd Church,
by danish architekt Jørn Utzon, Denmark
2016 Bricks, Shop for Table Settings, Copenhagen
2012 Through the Shadow into the Light, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen
2009 Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 The Graphic Gallery, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden
2001 Danish Design Center, Copenhagen
2000 Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 The Söderberg Prize - Louise Sass, The Röhsska Museum Gothenburg, Sweden
1998 Works on Paper, Gentofte Art Library, Copenhagen
1996 Politikens Avishal, Copenhagen, with graphic designer Jeanne Philip


2003-04 Public work for Serafens supportive housing complex, Stockholm. Commissioned by The Stockholm City Art Board.
Textiles: Handpainted Wall frieze and stage curtain. Works on paper: Series of 9 paintings.
Textiles made in the National Workshop for Arts and Crafts, Copenhagen.

Selected group exhibitions

2018 International Textile print, Galerie Handwerk München
2016 Til stedet, Bagsværd Church, Denmark
2015 Danish Design Now, Permanent exhibition, Designmuseum Danmark
2015-18 Learning from Japan, Designmuseum Denmark
2015 Past winners of the Söderberg Prize 1994-2015. Nationalmuseum Stockholm
2014 Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl & Louise Sass Galleri Pagter, Kolding, Denmark
2013-14 Ränder, Rytm, Riktning, Nordiska museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 From Denmark with Love, Ampersand House and Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2012 Mindcraft 12, by Danish Crafts. Undai Gallery, Milan, Italy
2011 Mindcraft 11, by Danish Crafts. Undai Gallery, Milan, Italy
2010-11 The best from 100 Years – 100 Donations from the Friends of the danish Museum of Art and Design 1910-2010
2007 The Biennale of Crafts and Design, Trapholt Art Museum, Kolding Denmark
2004 Sofa, Chicago, USA
2003 Derfor, Danish Crafts, Paustian, Copenhagen
2000 Danish Form, Stilwerk Hamburg, Germany
1999 Salon Jeune Peinture, Paris

WCC-European Price Competition, travelling exhibiton:
Palais Harrach, Vienna 1998;
Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg 1999;
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Louvre, Paris 1999.

1997 ITF 5th International Textile Competition, The Museum of Kyoto, Japan
1997 Guest, spring exhibition, The Museum of Arts, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
1997 Spring exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
1997 Ceramics and Textiles Paustian, Copenhagen
1997 Curator with Afsnit P, the exhibition:
Unikum, single edition books, The bookfair and Afsnit P, Copenhagen.
1996 Talente, international design competition, Munich, Germany
1996 Danish Crafts and Design, St Petersburg, Russia
1996 Postulater, Rundetårn, Copenhagen
1995 Contemporary Danish Design, Sophienholm, Denmark
1995 Product and Process, The Danish Center of Architecture, Copenhagen
1995 The Biennale of Crafts and Design, The Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen
1994 En Tro Kopi, The Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen
1992 ITF 3rd International Textile Competition, The Museum of Kyoto, Japan


Colour and product design

  • Colour design for lighting products, Louis Poulsen A/S 2015-18
  • Development of new colour concept for the lamps PH5 & PH5 mini in collaboration with Louis Poulsen A/S 2017
  • Design of new colour scheme for the AJ lamps by Arne Jacobsen in collaboration with Louis Poulsen A/S 2016
  • Design of printed furnishing textiles for Kvadrat A/S, DK 1995, 1997
  • Bookcover, Tóroddur Poulsen “Standsninger”, poems, Politisk Revy 1999


Awards and Grants

  • Appreciation award, The National Bank of Denmark 2015
  • Ole Haslunds Arts Foundation, Kopenhagen. Honorary award 2008
  • Three Years Grant, Danish State Art Foundation 2004
  • The Söderberg Prize, Gothenburg, Sweden 1998
  • ITF Industrial Technique Award, 5th International Textile Competition, Kyoto, Japan 1997
  • The Arts and Crafts Award of 1879, silver medal, Copenhagen 1991
  • The Anniversary Foundation of the Danish National Bank


Representative Sales

  • The Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen 1995, 1997, 2007
  • The Stockholm City Art Board: Stockholm City Library 2002
  • The Swedish State Art Board: Swedish embassy, Havana 2000
  • Astra, Södertälje, Sweden 2000
  • The Culture Board of Gothenburg 1998
  • The Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden 1998
  • The Danish State Art Foundation 1995



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  • Louise Sass ”Through the Shadow into the Light” 2012. 80 Pages ISBN 978-87-989707-1-2
  • Mindcraft 12, exhibition Cathalogue, by Danish Crafts 2012
  • Mindcraft 11, exhibition Cathalogue, by Danish Crafts 2011
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  • Louise Sass, Röhsska Museum Cathalogue no. 5 the Söderberg prize 1998.
    46 pages ISBN 91-973017-0-x Texts: Vibeke Woldbye, Curator the Danish Museum of Decorative Art.
    Read text: Stig L. Andersson, Professor and Architect. Hannah Haansbæk Rasmussen, Art Historian.
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  • International Design Year Book, Calmann & King, London 1997
  • International Textile Design, Laurence King, London 1994


Residences and travels

2013 Accademia di Danimarca, Rome
2011 Milan, Italy
1995-14 The National Workshop for Arts and Crafts, Copenhagen
2004 Chicago and New York
2000 Accademia di Danimarca, Rome
1992-93 Japan, South Chorea and China
1998-99 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
1995 Helsinki, Finland
1988-89 South Africa, Namibia, Botswana