Louise Sass



Galerie Handwerk 2018

Stoffdruck International

25/4 – 2/6 2018
Galerie Handwerk
Max Joseph Strasse 4, München

The Exhibition shows contemporary works with textile print from Denmark, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and Austria. Including Israel and Japan.

Bagsværd Church 2018

Above the Earth – Below the Sky

9/12 2017 – 21/1 2018
Bagsværd Kirke

Above the Earth - below the Sky is a site specific exhibition in Bagsværd Church created in dialogue with the architecture of Jørn Utzon, the architect of the of Church. The installation features five unique handprinted textile compositions mounted on wooden frames. Above the Earth - below the Sky is part of a number of site specific exhibitions 2017-18, curated by Katrine Borup.

Read the text by Kathrine Borup for the exibition here (in Danish)

The works and exhibition design are produced in the Danish Art Workshops 2017

Over himlen under jorden
Designmuseum Danmark 2018

Learning from Japan

11/8 2015 – 31/12 2018
Designmuseum Denmark

Learning from Japan presents the museum's Japanese collection side by side with Danish crafts, design, architecture, and graphics inspired by Japan. The exhibition Learning from Japan, shows a handprinted length of Ramie textile by Louise Sass. The ramie textile was originallly presented as the covering shell of Nomad Cabin and shown as part of the exhibition En tro Kopi (A true Copy) at the Danish Museum of Art and Design,1994.

Normade stofbane

Hand-printed (one-off) 1994
Screen- resist print
reactive dye, ramie

This handprinted ramie textile cabin, inspired by wood grain is originally made for an exhibition “ A true copy – young designers in the museum”, in the Danish Museum of Art and Design 1994. For the exhibition seven designers each made an imaginative invention around an object in the permanent collection. Louise Sass constructed a “Nomad Cabin”, in the form of a tent of material and poles, made as a parafrase of a cupboard from the Rococo period.

Nomad Cabin, 1994
Prototype. Aluminium skeleton.
Outer shell and shelves, ramie
Hand-printed (one-off)
Screen-print – resist, reactive dye



Butik for Borddækning 2016

Shop for Table Settings


29th January - 5th March 2016
Butik for Borddækning
Møntergade 6, 1116 Copenhagen

The exhibition presents one-off handprinted textiles: Tablecloths and napkins.

The textiles are printed with a pattern composed of bricks in two colors. Small variations in size and displacement of the bricks create subtle changes and movement in the surface. The design is aiming to unify the pattern with the border of the textile in order to create a visually unified expression.

Bricks, red

Hand-printed (one-off)
reactive dye, cotton
150 x 240 cm, 2016

Nationalmuseum Stockholm 2015

On the occasion of the Torsten och Wanja Söderberg Prize

17/4 – 31/5 2015
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

An exhibition that profiles the past winners of the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize 1994-2015. Louise Sass, winner of the Söderberg Prize 1998.

Shinjuku, blue

Printed Furnishing textile, produced in 8 colour ways.
Pigment print, cotton.
Pattern repeat 64 x 140 cm
Produced by Kvadrat A/S 1995
In the collection of Röhsska museum Gotenburg, Sweden.
Designmuseum Denmark 2015

Permanent exhibition
Danish Design Now

14/10 2015
Designmuseum Denmark

Galleri Pagter, Kolding 2014

Ceramic sculpture and one-off textile prints
Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl og Louise Sass

29. august – 4. oktober 2014
Galleri Pagter
Adelgade 3,
6000 Kolding, Denmark

In a Dream

Hand-printed (one-off)
reactive dye, cotton
83 x 74 cm, 2014
Nordiska museet Stockholm 2013

Ränder, Rytm, Riktning (Stripes, Rythm, Direction)

October 4. 2013 – August 31. 2014
Nordiska museum
Djurgårdsvägen 6-16
Stockholm, Sweden

The exhibition Ränder, Rytm, Riktning, (Stripes, Rythm, Direction), aims to show, that we
are surrounded by, exposed to and maybe even dependant on stribes in our contemporary life.
Featuring, contemporary art, articles for everyday use and exclusive stripes with 400 objects
from the historic collection of the museum.

Sass is represented with to works, Gul Barok og Lille Blå, 2010. Yellow Baroque and Small Blue. Both are one-off textile prints.

Gul Barok


Hand-printed (one-off)
reactive dye, cotton
150x155 cm, 2010

Designmuseum Danmark 2012

Through the Shadow into the Light, solo exhibition

March 25 – april 8. 2012
Designmuseum Danmark

The exhibition featured a selection of one-off textile prints from 2008 – 11, and marked the release of a new book with the same title. Exhibition architect Martin Christiansen.

In the recent years Louise Sass, has developed a working technique, using pure colours, which are printed onto the fabric in overlapping layers – accordingly called “overprinting”. The idea of doing this is to bring about a colour blending method that happens directly on the textile, where the process and the colour’s movement can be followed on the fabric, while the colour’s saturated tone gets built up. The effect of dyeing fabric in several stages simultaneously entails that intense and more complex colour effects turn up on the surface.

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MINDCRAFT 12, Salone Milano 2012

Group exhibition by Danish Crafts

April 17 – 22. 2012
Galleri Alessandro De March
Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy

Mindcraft 12 udstilling

Statement by Danish Crafts: MINDCRAFT12 showed 16 new works created by some of the finest Danish craftspeople and designers within their field. A common feature for all the selected participants were their focus on quality and their approach to the design process, where function and materials play an essential role. This year's exhibition covered a wide span: From one-off works to prototypes ready for production. The exhibition was curated by Cecilie Manz. 

MINDCRAFT 11, Salone Milano 2011

April 12 - 17. 2011
Galleri Alessandro De March
Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy

Mother of Pearl

One-off, wall frieze handprint
Reactive dye, cotton
Full size 150 x 450 cm 2011

Statement by Danish Crafts: MINDCRAFT11 was curated by designer Cecilie Manz. The exhibition showed works made by some of the most skilled and talented craftspeople and designers in Denmark. In her selection of the works, Cecilie Manz emphasized quality, functionality and material awareness.
Designmuseum Danmark 2010 – 2011

The best from 100 years – 100 Donations from the Friends of the
Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen 1910-2010.

November 9. 2010 – March 6. 2011
Designmuseum Danmark
Bredgade 68, Copenhagen

Lineær Stak


One off screen-printing
Discharge- and chemical- color resist, cotton
300 x 143 cm, 1995

Group exhibition, showing 100 important works selected from 600, which were bought with funds from the Friends from 1910 - 2010.

Book release on the occasion of the 100 years anniversary of the Friends of the Danish Museum of Art & Design: ”At give af et godt Hjerte og et glad Sind, Kunstindustrimuseets Venner 1910-2010”,
by Art Historian Charlotte Christensen.


At the 5th International Textile Competition in Kyoto, Louise Sass was given the ITF Industrial Technique Award for the textile print "Linear Stack", later developed into a furnishing textile "Rago" produced by Kvardrat A/S.
See Product design

ITF Industrial Technique Award. Statement of Jury:
This Work produces feelings of depth and thickness while using flat dyeing techniques. Scrupulous design and calculated repetition technique enable this plane print fabric to express a sense of thickness and the textures of natural materials with great succes. This work well conveys the artist’s intentions of ”pushing the limits as far as the repeat printing technique allows, exploring the surface, and aiming to create a spatial expression on a two-dimensional material.

lab detalje

Galleri Inger Molin 2009

Labyrint separate exhibition

March 14 – April 1. 2009
Galleri Inger Molin,
Kommendörsgatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden



Wall-frieze, (once-off) screen-print
Discharge print, reactive dye, cotton
190 x 145 cm. 2009

Galleri Inger Molin 2005

Agenda separate exhibition

May 7 – 29. 2005
Galleri Inger Molin,
Kommendörsgatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden.

Agenda # 4-5


Agenda # 4-6

Acrylic on paper
130 x 90 cm, 2004
  The wall-frieze handprint, Labyrint (Labyrinth) delineates, with slender luminous lines, a rhythm that settles over the textile’s fluctuating dark field. It is shimmering in nuances, against the backing fields of dark turquoise and warm orange and it appears fragile, albeit simultaneously stringent and precise
The inspiration for Labyrint stems from a hand-woven French shawl originating from the 1920s. Taking her point of departure in a sample of the shawl’s labyrinthine pattern, Louise Sass has intensified the pattern’s stringency in a plotted rendering made on graph paper, where each and every turn in the labyrinth’s progression has been scrupulously notated with precise measurements – but this is only a point of origin. In the course of the process, the labyrinth takes on its own life, unfurling itself independently as form and structure – controlled by Sass, of course, but also by the possibilities for which the labyrinth itself has opened up.

lab detalje

Art Museum Trapholt, Denmark.

The Biennale of Crafts and Design 2007

Kunstmuseet Trapholt
Kolding, Danmark

Panorama # 1, # 2, # 3

Panorama 1

One-off textiles, handpainted
Reactive dye on cotton
Each 300 x 135 cm, 2004

Museum of Industrial Arts, Copenhagen

The Panorama textiles were created during the work on the decorations for the Serafen supportive housing complex in Stockholm, which included a hand-painted wall frieze on thick cotton. As a result of the architecture in Stockholm, the ”Panorama” wall frieze for Serafen is very broad and relatively short. During the process I found I wanted to cut out parts of the powerful colour sequence to view them at more radical heights – and painted three sections in a longer version.

Motivation by Biennale curators Ole Jensen and Lars Dybdahl:

Here patterns and ornament have been emancipated from the materiality with which one normally associates artist-craftsmanship – and have become autonomous visuality. Louise Sass’ stripes are an interplay of extreme colour shades in an unconventional spatial and tonal pattern.

Grafik Galleriet, Konstnärshuset 2002

Paintings and one-off tekstile prints — separate exhibition

Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm, Sweden

10 paintings on paper

Each 68 x 75 cm. 2000-02

Gentofte Art Library 1998

Works on paper — separate exhibition

Gentofte Kunstbibliotek,
Hellerup, Denmark.

Works on paper

The exhibition revolves around interfaces and the meaning of spaces. The paintings, individually and in relation to one another, form a dynamic space where the surroundings are drawn into an interplay with vision and motion when the viewer moves in the space. The boundaries between surface and space become diffuse.

The Röhsska Museum 1998

Louise Sass - Separate exhibition On the occasion of The Söderberg Prize 1998.

The exhibition showed one-off printed textiles, works on paper and product design.

Röhsska museet
Vasagatan 37-39
Gotenburg, Sweden

En Route # 2 and En Route # 1

Screen-print on silk

On the occasion of The Söderberg Prize 1998.
The exhibition showed one-off printed textiles, works on paper and product design.

Motivation from the prize jury:

For richly promising, internationally remarked work as a textile designer, undertaken with great artistic talent, which derives its inspiration from an independently made, dynamic and fruitful penetration into pattern composition for a variety of materials – everything from printed textiles to arrangements of complete rooms, artistically related to music and sculpture.

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