Louise Sass




The Mask


Hand-printed, (one-off) reactive dye, cotton
107 x 69 cm, 2017

Above the Earth – Below the Sky #1, #2

Over jorden under himlen

Left: 130 x 69 cm. Right:137 x 71 cm, 2017
Hand-printed, (one-off) reactive dye, cotton

Colour study

Farve studie

Hand-printed, (one-off) reactive dye, cotton, 2015

Nomad Cabin


Prototype. Aluminium skeleton
Outer shell and shelves, ramie
Hand-printed (one-off), resist- print, reactive dye, 1994

This handprinted ramie textile cabin, inspired by wood grain is originally made for an exhibition “ A true copy – young designers in the museum”, in the Danish Museum of Art and Design 1994. For the exhibition seven designers each made an imaginative invention around an object in the permanent collection. Louise Sass constructed a “Nomad Cabin”, in the form of a tent of material and poles, made as a parafrase of a cupboard from the Rococo period. People today need mobility or at least possibilities for flexibility in furnishing. The “Nomad Cabin” can be taken apart, washed and moved from place to place.

Yellow Baroque

One-off textile print, section

Yellow Baroque, Small Blue

One-off, hand-print
Reactive dye, cotton
150x155 cm and 94 x 62 cm, 2010

UT # 5

One-off, hand-print
Reactive dye, cotton
80 x 62 cm, 2010

In the Dark

One-off, hand-print
Reactive dye, cotton
94 x 87 cm, 2010

Falling down a Mountain

One-off, hand-print.
Reactive dye, cotton.
90 x 78 cm 2010

Riding in the Dark

One-off, hand-print 
Reactive dye, cotton
150 x 175 cm 2010

UT # 4

One-off, handprint
Reactive dye, cotton.
60 x 80 cm 2008

From series, # 1-5. Exhibited at Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm, Sweden 2009.

No one shall say # 5

Ingen skal sige #5

One-off screen-print
Chemical resist- and reactive dye, cottton
90 x 100 cm 2001

Exhibited at the Danish Design Center, Copenhagen 2001, with ”Tanka” poems by Tóroddur Poulsen. Tanka: Japanese Poem using 5-7-5-7-5 syllables.

Red | Yellow with Red

Painting. Acrylic on paper.
71 x 69 cm 2000.

Painting. Acrylic on paper
95 x 93 cm 2000
Swedish Embassy, Havanna

Exhibited at Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm 2000. Combinations, series of 9 paintings on kozo paper.


Painting, collage, ink on paper
170 x 200 cm 1998

The Culture Board of Gothenburg, Sweden

Read “From Surface to materiality to space”, text for catalogue by Stig L. Andersson:
The experience of Louise Sass’ works is based on concepts like colour, surface and pattern. The compositional order which traditional textile-printing works is broken down and the material appears as one thing. But when you look closer as in the works with ink stripes on paper from 1997-98, cracks appear, interstices and transitions. Constantly the surface changes character and is suddenly many directions, infinitely many orientations. The small openings that arise in the shifts between the individually applied layers of paint, glue or paper, reveal the power of the material to move us and affect our perception of …..

Happy Orange

Painting, acrylic on paper
68 x 75 cm, 2003


Ink, acrylic on paper
177 x 79 cm, 1998

En Route # 2

One off screen-printing
Discharge and direct print on habotai silk
Three parts. Total 280 x 330 cm,1997

Röhsska Friends. Röhsska Museum Gothenburg, Sweden.
Included in friends special collection

En Route. “Undervejs” is the title of two large-format printed textile surfaces made by Louise Sass in 1996-97. “En Route” is printed on silk, each surface separately with many applications. On the black-painted ground the linear pattern has been etched again and again, each time slightly displaced; at first as faint, faded colors, but gradually, as the black base color is etched away, in brighter and brighter lines. Finally dark lines were printed on the tracks across the surface to create order in apparent chaos. The myriad of scintillating tracks across the surface is like an electrical discharge, an expansion of space. Vibeke Woldbye, Danish Museum of Decorative Art, from catalogue.